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Do you DUNK or Drown your Donut?

Have you ever tried juggling too many tasks at once, and then amid it all, realized your error only after you burnt yourself out and spent a couple (or few) nights crying, sprinkled in with some all-nighter’s?

But now you’re responsibilities are raining down upon you      

Perhaps you felt pressured to join this club and that program, or you simply wanted to build up  your resume. Now you find it difficult to allot time for a shower. What is the next step forward?

Pause Life and Indulge for a Moment


We are always seeking answers: how can I balance my time better, what is the bare minimum I can do to still get an A or B and how did Donald Trump get elected as President? (Just kidding.)  No one likes soggy donuts, so STOP drowning yourself! Breathe a little and enjoy what is around you: friends, family and wonderful weather. Just stop and embrace life. I challenge you to see what happens.

What’s been Eating up your Time?


Now consider how much time you have spent doing what you love and with who you love. What have you accomplished, or rather, what have you let consume you? Have you reconciled those sore areas in your life or have been distracted by social media? Were you there for your family when they needed you or a friend who was suffering or put them aside and school work first? Know where your priorities are and consider if this will matter to you three months or five years down the road.

Become More Than a Glazed Donut


This culture has you focused on the here and now, but DREAM BIG and think of the future! Will taking one day off once a week, really put you behind? No; rather, it would prevent you from becoming burnt out. You should constantly strive to reinvent yourself and excel in school or work, BUT without fun, you begin to glaze over. Life is no longer enjoyable, and you lose that deep passion and blazing fire inside of you.

What’s Filling in your Center?


That ‘pit that always feels like it needs to be filled,’ never truly will be until you seek something purposeful. For me, it was God. Sometimes I tried filling this hole with friends or ice-cream; all to no avail. I have believed in God, but I did not know Him. Just like you probably have some friends, but don’t know their full story, don’t truly know why they are the way they are and why they act the way they do. Then, when you actually hear them out, it all clicks.

Stop Drowning Yourself and Start Dipping 


When I stopped seeking the wrong things is when I stopped drowning. That’s when I noticed and understood what truly matters and started dipping into other people’s lives. Now I pause and take time for myself and for my friends; the best part about it? Everything still gets done on time, but now life has more meaning and I don’t feel like everything is raining down upon me because I have allowed myself to dip into what matters.

Kids and PR is Possible

Kids are fun and crazy, you just have to get down to their level and know what they love to produce an event that they’ll love. If they are happy then their parents (the ones with the money) are happy, which is what we want. What entails a successful kids night? Let’s find out!

Get The Word Out . . . But How?

There’s the typical press releases, email blasts and putting posters up in  local libraries, but wait, there are MORE creative ways!

Kid shouting through phone

Facebook Posts! Basic, but widely effective. Have posts that contain pictures of the event (prior and after it occurs) because those receive the most likes/shares from your current followers.

Radio and TV announcements are an easy way to reach out to a larger span of people. Don’t be afraid to get creative with TV advertisements. Have the hosts do a science experiment that pertains to the upcoming event!

Rack cards target your visual audience, and can be placed almost anywhere. Businesses are more likely to accept and put them out compared to a poster or event calendar.


Want to keep people coming? Then, don’t forget about those coupons! People are all about freebies and discounts, so having some of them laying out at the event for guests to grab will most likely result in their return.

The Game Plan . . .What Are We Doing?

You need to think everything through. What is the objective of this event? What do you want to accomplish? How are you going to accomplish that? Once this is established, then you can move onto the smaller details such as working on promotional tactics, defining what activities you should entail/include and finding decor.

Film Title: Kicking & Screaming

You want to give yourself at least three weeks, if not a month, to advertise and allow the word to spread about your event. You want to reach as many people as possible, and that takes time.

Organization = Transformation

With any event you want to control the flow of traffic. This is based on how you set up the event. Make sure your space is large enough, and that people can move from one area to the next easily. If tables are set up, never put them against the wall, but ensure that people can stand on both sides.


Make sure your volunteers know what they are doing. Give them a run down, prior to the event, of when they need to be there, how long they are working, the layout of the entire event, and show them what they will be doing. This way there is no confusion.

Food . . .  It’s A Given

People gather when there is food, and are more likely to show up. The trick is to be creative. You can provide simple snacks, but put it on an eye-appealing platter and base it off the theme of your event by using play on words like naming Oreo’s, “Black Holes” if the event is spaced themed.


The #1 thing with food is, don’t run out. Always prepare and buy more than the number of guests you expect; otherwise, it appears as if you are unprepared, and people will become upset . . . especially if Oreo’s are at stake! Beverages, napkins and plates are all crucial to have. If the event is smaller, try to find food that does not require silverware.

The After Math . . . Make Your Event Known!

Don’t let all your work go to waste. Have someone present at your event to take pictures, and then post those on your social media platforms. This makes the guests feel special and shows everyone else what they missed out on. Posting photos and videos also builds connections with those families who came.


Don’t forget to thank everyone for coming out, and give your volunteers a special shout out because with out them, this event would not have been possible!

Why Your Blog May Suck

Employers scoff at physical resumes. These days they go straight to your digital footprints you leave behind on the Internet. Employers look at your social media platforms to see who you truly are and if they want you on their team. Blogging is one of the ways to build up your portfolio online, and it’s also a way to express your creativity.

Ron Culp, renown blog writer for Culprit, and Anne Waddington, contributing writer for Loxa Beauty, shared 10 tips on how to create a blog worth reading.

A lot of bloggers are not successful. Why? Well they don’t follow these simple steps . . .

  1. Inspiration: What drives you? If you don’t have a clue, check out other people’s blogs for ideas or write down what you are passionate about. For your first few blogs, write about whatever you want and see what interests you most.
  2. Gather Thoughts: Always have something with you to write down any idea that pops in your head. Keep an “Inspiration Binder” or Pinterest Board of all your ideas, so you can reflect on what you have already written about and have an idea of where you’re heading next.
  3. Test Ideas: Write down 150 legitimate ideas you could write about. If you have a particular topic in mind, do the same. Can’t come up with 150? Then blogging is NOT for you!14594
  4. Experiment: Right now you may not know what topic to write about so explore and learn. Hated the Halloween party you attended, blog about it! Lean how to make graphics, do whatever it takes. Already an experienced blogger? Avoid boredom with your readers by deviating from your normal posts. 
  5. Personal Branding: Market yourself and your blog. Who are you? How are you different from everyone else? Don’t forget to ensure all your social media platforms coincide with one another because you don’t want to cause confusion.visual-content-stats
  6. Plan Ahead: Let’s be real, if you want a quality blog, you need to do research. Slopping something down last minute won’t cut it, unless you sincerely don’t care. What do you want to discuss with your readers? Think about what visuals (i.e.: infographics, video statistics or images) will drive your point and appeal to your audience?
  7. Invest in a Blog: Yes, this means spending money. Is this a hobby or something bigger? In retrospect, compared to your college tuition, this is nothing. Plus, you might get an internship and even a potential job out of your blogging.
  8. Be Authentic: This is YOUR blog, so be YOU. Share your original thoughts, ideas and content with your readers. taco-vine
  9. Avoid Haters: Literally, block out the haters. “Don’t second guess yourself,” Waddington said.
  10. Connect and Engage: As Waddington outlined, your readers are YOUR support system. They are giving their time to you by reading your content and commenting, so COMMENT BACK. Give them the light of day by responding to every email, question and comment.

Successful blogging is not easy; it takes guts.

Jessica Erin Kilbride, Junior Account Executive, Exploration Station


Olivet Beauty

Campus 2 Campus 3 Campus 4 Campus 5 Campus 6 Campus 9 Campus

So here are some snap shots of the campus, pretty sure they spend more money on looks than quality care of their students . . .cough . . .cough . . .cough . . . the food! Then there’s a picture of a baby squirrel. I am pretty sure it had heat stroke and as you can tell I got super close to it.

Jump Start

Well Jump Start has started, people are moved in, I’ve made friends, and I have two weeks well under my belt. Life right now is exhausting, but a lot of fun all the same; however, that means something bad is bound to happen…..probably school starting.(That was a joke) Anyways, I am boycotting the school food and so far my stomach has appreciated it hard core! I barely got sick this morning. HUGE PLUS! I got to see Calan and actually talk to her today (she’s like my best friend since fifth grade and is on the cross country team). Oh yes, jump start is basically for freshmen and transfer students; it is forced fun interspersed with speakers which is actually more enjoyable than the “fun.” I sound super grumpy but the four hour sleep schedule for the past two weeks is finally getting to me.

Oh and if you guys want to send me pictures of you or me with you so I can put them up in my room, that’d be awesome because it’s bland in my dorm and killing me. PICTURE PLEASE!!

Short On Time

I know the last post was a bit of a rough read, but today is crazy! All the freshmen are moving in because Olivet has something called Jump Start where we meet other freshies and get to know our dorm members as well as our R.A.’s better. Then class starts on Wednesday… booo.

There are so many things I could and want to share with you all, so buckle up because here it goes. First of all the food here is AWFUL! I have gotten sick everyday and the other freshmen are feeling it to. The upper classmen said your stomach eventually gets used to it, but if so many people are getting sick AND every year this happens, isn’t that a red flag? I have resorted to the apples and salad bar. Oh and did I forget to mention that there isn’t fresh fruit like at all-huge let down! I was looking forward to some watermelon, and yes I can rant about this because this school is not cheap by any standards.

I have made lots of new friends. In fact last night I had a “sleepover” with some girls in their apartment. Honestly I knew the people were nice here, but literally everyone has been taking me under their wing. The upperclassmen always are offering rides and food to all us freshmen, and they actually like and want to hang with us. Nothing like high school.

For a final thought because I am attending a drum-line-celebration-of-surviving-band-camp-bonfire, I just want to say that the little things in life truly are the best. My mom bought me some super nice shampoo-aka not the $0.99 stuff on the bottom right hand rack at Wal-Mart that creates massive knots in my hair-and I just really am appreciative. I also really appreciate deodorant. There’s this game we played during band camp called “Pass Jessie’s Deodorant” because we stank, and I always have a stick on me! 🙂 Plus, it’s men’s so the guys really slathered it on.

Time to Party!

My Drumline

Band camp 3 Band Camp

Here’s my drumline guys! It took a couple of weeks, but we are officially a family. The “awkward” barriers definitely have been torn down and as you can tell we are straight thugs. Our show is coming along quite well. Our first piece is My Kind of Town with different visuals in the beginning for each section; however, Crystal (cymbal player) walks across the snare line in the opening to represent a stroll in the park. The rest of us cymbal players are hacky sacking. The percussion feature, Traffic, is next and this song is totally SICK! The band doesn’t play at all, so they are in the background participating in different activities such as whipping (dance move), creating large circles which they sprint in, and becoming a car. At the end of the song we make a bum-rush towards the pit and just crank it out. Our last song we will be playing this Saturday is Chicago Tribune March, which is exactly how it sounds.

Toots and Giggles

The RA on my floor is named Liz and whether she knows it or not I love her to pieces. She is seriously such a sweetheart, always checking in on us and sharing laughter. Liz is just a really likeable person as well as extremely crafty and humorous. I mean take a look at our bathroom stalls, not to mention the fact that she is a Harry Potter fanatic and has read the series nine times……so far.

bathroom 2 Bathroom

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