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August 2015

Olivet Beauty

Campus 2 Campus 3 Campus 4 Campus 5 Campus 6 Campus 9 Campus

So here are some snap shots of the campus, pretty sure they spend more money on looks than quality care of their students . . .cough . . .cough . . .cough . . . the food! Then there’s a picture of a baby squirrel. I am pretty sure it had heat stroke and as you can tell I got super close to it.


Jump Start

Well Jump Start has started, people are moved in, I’ve made friends, and I have two weeks well under my belt. Life right now is exhausting, but a lot of fun all the same; however, that means something bad is bound to happen…..probably school starting.(That was a joke) Anyways, I am boycotting the school food and so far my stomach has appreciated it hard core! I barely got sick this morning. HUGE PLUS! I got to see Calan and actually talk to her today (she’s like my best friend since fifth grade and is on the cross country team). Oh yes, jump start is basically for freshmen and transfer students; it is forced fun interspersed with speakers which is actually more enjoyable than the “fun.” I sound super grumpy but the four hour sleep schedule for the past two weeks is finally getting to me.

Oh and if you guys want to send me pictures of you or me with you so I can put them up in my room, that’d be awesome because it’s bland in my dorm and killing me. PICTURE PLEASE!!

Short On Time

I know the last post was a bit of a rough read, but today is crazy! All the freshmen are moving in because Olivet has something called Jump Start where we meet other freshies and get to know our dorm members as well as our R.A.’s better. Then class starts on Wednesday… booo.

There are so many things I could and want to share with you all, so buckle up because here it goes. First of all the food here is AWFUL! I have gotten sick everyday and the other freshmen are feeling it to. The upper classmen said your stomach eventually gets used to it, but if so many people are getting sick AND every year this happens, isn’t that a red flag? I have resorted to the apples and salad bar. Oh and did I forget to mention that there isn’t fresh fruit like at all-huge let down! I was looking forward to some watermelon, and yes I can rant about this because this school is not cheap by any standards.

I have made lots of new friends. In fact last night I had a “sleepover” with some girls in their apartment. Honestly I knew the people were nice here, but literally everyone has been taking me under their wing. The upperclassmen always are offering rides and food to all us freshmen, and they actually like and want to hang with us. Nothing like high school.

For a final thought because I am attending a drum-line-celebration-of-surviving-band-camp-bonfire, I just want to say that the little things in life truly are the best. My mom bought me some super nice shampoo-aka not the $0.99 stuff on the bottom right hand rack at Wal-Mart that creates massive knots in my hair-and I just really am appreciative. I also really appreciate deodorant. There’s this game we played during band camp called “Pass Jessie’s Deodorant” because we stank, and I always have a stick on me! 🙂 Plus, it’s men’s so the guys really slathered it on.

Time to Party!

My Drumline

Band camp 3 Band Camp

Here’s my drumline guys! It took a couple of weeks, but we are officially a family. The “awkward” barriers definitely have been torn down and as you can tell we are straight thugs. Our show is coming along quite well. Our first piece is My Kind of Town with different visuals in the beginning for each section; however, Crystal (cymbal player) walks across the snare line in the opening to represent a stroll in the park. The rest of us cymbal players are hacky sacking. The percussion feature, Traffic, is next and this song is totally SICK! The band doesn’t play at all, so they are in the background participating in different activities such as whipping (dance move), creating large circles which they sprint in, and becoming a car. At the end of the song we make a bum-rush towards the pit and just crank it out. Our last song we will be playing this Saturday is Chicago Tribune March, which is exactly how it sounds.

Toots and Giggles

The RA on my floor is named Liz and whether she knows it or not I love her to pieces. She is seriously such a sweetheart, always checking in on us and sharing laughter. Liz is just a really likeable person as well as extremely crafty and humorous. I mean take a look at our bathroom stalls, not to mention the fact that she is a Harry Potter fanatic and has read the series nine times……so far.

bathroom 2 Bathroom

Guys…..It’s my room!

room 2bedscloset

For all you curious critters, here’s my room! My roommate Eunice and I are quite popular because our room has a strobe light, so naturally everyone comes on in and parties with us, except the electrician. The view from our window is perfect because we can creep on everybody walking by like the Bears who are currently still on campus. Fun Fact! All our band food this week is just the leftovers from the Bears. We are much loved here, much. (*insert laughter because that was a joke, of course they love us!)

Cymbolic Crew

So far I have “clashed” for fifteen hours. My arms will definitely be swoll by the time I return to Mackinaw because I can already feel the burn and band camp has yet to start. Below is my cymbal crew, starting to the far right is Morgan in the glasses (she’s taken me under her wing), then Kaleb (in orange), Crystal, Brandon, and Me. Brandon and I are the two Freshmeats this year; the others are sophomores.

Cymbal Crew

The band consists of 200 members, drum line having seventeen. Our theme this year is The Windy City. Since we’ll be attending the New Year’s Day Parade in London, the band team felt it proper to give those Europeans a taste of Chicago, seeing we only live an hour away. I learned tonight that London doesn’t have any marching bands so they import them, and Olivet was one of 12 to receive an invitation. Kind of an honor!

Trying Not To Be A Stranger

Hey guys it’s Jess! I am going to attempt this blog thing to stay in touch with all of you, and let’s hope it works smoothly.


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