Band camp 3 Band Camp

Here’s my drumline guys! It took a couple of weeks, but we are officially a family. The “awkward” barriers definitely have been torn down and as you can tell we are straight thugs. Our show is coming along quite well. Our first piece is My Kind of Town with different visuals in the beginning for each section; however, Crystal (cymbal player) walks across the snare line in the opening to represent a stroll in the park. The rest of us cymbal players are hacky sacking. The percussion feature, Traffic, is next and this song is totally SICK! The band doesn’t play at all, so they are in the background participating in different activities such as whipping (dance move), creating large circles which they sprint in, and becoming a car. At the end of the song we make a bum-rush towards the pit and just crank it out. Our last song we will be playing this Saturday is Chicago Tribune March, which is exactly how it sounds.