I know the last post was a bit of a rough read, but today is crazy! All the freshmen are moving in because Olivet has something called Jump Start where we meet other freshies and get to know our dorm members as well as our R.A.’s better. Then class starts on Wednesday… booo.

There are so many things I could and want to share with you all, so buckle up because here it goes. First of all the food here is AWFUL! I have gotten sick everyday and the other freshmen are feeling it to. The upper classmen said your stomach eventually gets used to it, but if so many people are getting sick AND every year this happens, isn’t that a red flag? I have resorted to the apples and salad bar. Oh and did I forget to mention that there isn’t fresh fruit like at all-huge let down! I was looking forward to some watermelon, and yes I can rant about this because this school is not cheap by any standards.

I have made lots of new friends. In fact last night I had a “sleepover” with some girls in their apartment. Honestly I knew the people were nice here, but literally everyone has been taking me under their wing. The upperclassmen always are offering rides and food to all us freshmen, and they actually like and want to hang with us. Nothing like high school.

For a final thought because I am attending a drum-line-celebration-of-surviving-band-camp-bonfire, I just want to say that the little things in life truly are the best. My mom bought me some super nice shampoo-aka not the $0.99 stuff on the bottom right hand rack at Wal-Mart that creates massive knots in my hair-and I just really am appreciative. I also really appreciate deodorant. There’s this game we played during band camp called “Pass Jessie’s Deodorant” because we stank, and I always have a stick on me! 🙂 Plus, it’s men’s so the guys really slathered it on.

Time to Party!