Well Jump Start has started, people are moved in, I’ve made friends, and I have two weeks well under my belt. Life right now is exhausting, but a lot of fun all the same; however, that means something bad is bound to happen…..probably school starting.(That was a joke) Anyways, I am boycotting the school food and so far my stomach has appreciated it hard core! I barely got sick this morning. HUGE PLUS! I got to see Calan and actually talk to her today (she’s like my best friend since fifth grade and is on the cross country team). Oh yes, jump start is basically for freshmen and transfer students; it is forced fun interspersed with speakers which is actually more enjoyable than the “fun.” I sound super grumpy but the four hour sleep schedule for the past two weeks is finally getting to me.

Oh and if you guys want to send me pictures of you or me with you so I can put them up in my room, that’d be awesome because it’s bland in my dorm and killing me. PICTURE PLEASE!!